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InfiniteKey® Possibilities

Future Applications

  • Hotel & Rental

    The InfiniteKey® brings a convenient, secure and easy to use digital experience by bringing together passive access and key sharing for the home, hotels or vacation properties. Whether you have your hands full of groceries and need to get in the house, getting in your hotel room or renting out your vacation property, InfiniteKey® can ensure gaining access to your place is never a concern again.

  • Commercial Building

    The InfiniteKey® enables enhanced features over the typical key cards issued by commercial business to gain building access. The InfiniteKey® allows for Digital Signatures to be used, allowing multiple users to have access passively increasing security and convenience.

  • Public Transportation

    The InfiniteKey® can be applied to public transportation systems through creating unique user profiles that allows a seamless passive access experience. Additional services can be applied in order to enhance the experience from passive payment, to unique personalized feature enablement's.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the phone communicate with the vehicle?

InfiniteKey® utilizes Bluetooth LE for communication between the phone and the vehicle, and UWB ToF for secure accurate location detection in and around the vehicle.

How does the vehicle know your phone is within an unlock range or inside the vehicle to enable start?

InfiniteKey® uses UWB sensors that communicates with the vehicle, can measure how far you are from the vehicle and even if you are inside or outside within a 20cm accuracy.

What features does the InfiniteKey® system have?

– The InfiniteKey® System can locate your phone accurately, in order to provide a safe and seamless experience that meets the strictest global standards.

– It offers a hands free user experience, in which the vehicle can authenticate the owner by communicating securely with the phone.

– When walking up to the vehicle, the vehicle will greet you with a welcome lighting feature, unlock the vehicle and personalize it to your needs.

Can I share InfiniteKey® with family or friends?

With InfiniteKey® you can easily share a key digitally from your phone to your family/friend’s phone in which you are able to provide access, remove access and provide temporary access to whomever you desire.

What happens if you lose your phone?

InfiniteKey® can be deactivated online through a secure account, which will ensure no one can use your phone to enter or start your vehicle. Once you receive a new phone, you are able to generate a new secure InfinteKey®. Also, if you recover your lost phone, you can reactivate the key.

What happens if your phone battery is depleted?

The InfiniteKey® system includes NFC, which can be used to unlock when your phone battery is depleted. Depending on the vehicle you have, there are a variety of ways it can be started, in which one way is accessing the charger inside the vehicle.

How does the InfiniteKey® System protect the vehicle from theft?

The InfiniteKey® system for vehicles is based on the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standards for Digital Key, which leverages industry adopted, state-of the-art cryptography.  InfiniteKey® uses UWB ToF (Time of Flight) between the phone and vehicle to prevent relay station attacks, protecting against unauthorized attempts to unlock your vehicle through this common attack method.

What are the components of the InfiniteKey® System?

In addition to BLE/UWB/NFC components on the vehicle, the InfiniteKey® system includes a mobile software development kit (SDK), and cloud services that work harmoniously and securely together. The cloud services orchestrate many features of the InfiniteKey® system, such as key sharing and revocation; however, cloud connectivity is not required when accessing the vehicle.

How do you know InfiniteKey® is interoperable between Mobile Devices, Phones and Vehicles

DENSO actively contributes and participates in Global Standards Bodies including the Car Connectivity Consortium, Bluetooth SIG, IEEE, and ICCE to ensure global compatibility.

Can InfiniteKey® be used for other applications beyond automotive?

Of course! The InfinteKey® can be and is planned for other industries outside of automotive. DENSO welcomes the opportunity to work together and bring new features to markets beyond automotive.


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