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Welcome to a Keyless Future

Carry Less, Access More

Three Key Factors

InfiniteKey® is a tightly integrated system that harmoniously combines hardware in the vehicle, mobile device software, and cloud services, to enable access to your products and services with amazing user experiences.

Works on All Platforms

Android & Apple Platforms

Why InfiniteKey®?

The Benefits of InfiniteKey®


InfiniteKey® protects privacy by ensuring that user identifying/trackable information is not exposed or retained, while maintaining confidentiality when transmitting and storing data.

Integrated Technologies

InfiniteKey® is able to provide a highly optimized, user experience focused, integrated solution through DENSO’s deep knowledge of, and contributions to, industry standards (e.g., Bluetooth SIG, CCC, IEEE, FiRa, etc.), market experience, and advanced collaborations with our many partners.

End-to-End Security

InfiniteKey® was designed from the ground up with the end-to-end security incorporating the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key standard, meeting/exceeding mobile device and vehicle manufacturer requirements, while also delivering unparalleled reliability and peace-of-mind to users.


DENSO is delivering digital key solutions around the globe, has an advanced R&D team of skilled engineers working on next generation technology, and is a leading voice in the standardization bodies that guide technology toward interoperability and market adoption.


Through DENSO’s experience in vehicle hardware and software, mobile devices, mobile applications, and cloud applications, DENSO designs systems that work harmoniously together.


DENSO’s flexible integration model allows InfiniteKey® cloud services to be accessed via a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or deployed in your cloud as containers tailored to your needs.

InfiniteKey® Features

Current Applications

  • Vehicle unlock & lock

    InfiniteKey® allows the owner access to their vehicle, without taking their phone out of their pocket just like a key fob. Also, when the owner walks away from their vehicle it will automatically lock, creating a passive, seamless experience.

  • Vehicle Start

    When the phone is in the vehicle, the owner is able to start the vehicle by pushing the ignition button. The InfiniteKey® can be shared to authorized people to start the vehicle as well.

  • Passenger Profiles

    The InfiniteKey® system can deliver custom personalized user experiences for each passenger based on seat location, enabling features like personalized settings (e.g. Temperature, Seat Positioning, etc.) and infotainment.

Fleet / Service

Current Applications

Fleet Management

The InfiniteKey® system can be used to optimize business operations, save cost, increase convenience and provide security to businesses operating vehicle fleets. Through InfiniteKey® you can digitally pass keys, control who is authorized to have access through sharing or revoking keys, and customize features tailored to the Fleet managers specific commercial needs

Easy Delivery

The InfiniteKey® can be shared with service providers like package delivery. The InfinteKey® enables the owner to grant a temporary digital key to the intended package delivery service employee and allow them to place items in your vehicle or establishment without the owner needing to be physically present

Technical Details

Core Technology of InfiniteKey®

Technology Overview

DENSO has developed BLE RSSI/AoA systems with advanced localization algorithms, as well as BLE/UWB/NFC systems in compliance with the CCC Release 3 specification. Many of DENSO’s systems are in the market today, with many more vehicles coming in the near future. DENSO is continuing to research and develop innovative wireless technologies that enable exciting new experiences that rely upon secure, personalized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the phone communicate with the vehicle?

InfiniteKey® utilizes Bluetooth LE for communication between the phone and the vehicle, and UWB ToF for secure accurate location detection in and around the vehicle.

How does the vehicle know your phone is within an unlock range or inside the vehicle to enable start?

InfiniteKey® uses UWB sensors that communicates with the vehicle, can measure how far you are from the vehicle and even if you are inside or outside within a 20cm accuracy.

What features does the InfiniteKey® system have?

– The InfiniteKey® System can locate your phone accurately, in order to provide a safe and seamless experience that meets the strictest global standards.

– It offers a hands free user experience, in which the vehicle can authenticate the owner by communicating securely with the phone.

– When walking up to the vehicle, the vehicle will greet you with a welcome lighting feature, unlock the vehicle and personalize it to your needs.

Can I share InfiniteKey® with family or friends?

With InfiniteKey® you can easily share a key digitally from your phone to your family/friend’s phone in which you are able to provide access, remove access and provide temporary access to whomever you desire.

What happens if you lose your phone?

InfiniteKey® can be deactivated online through a secure account, which will ensure no one can use your phone to enter or start your vehicle. Once you receive a new phone, you are able to generate a new secure InfinteKey®. Also, if you recover your lost phone, you can reactivate the key.

What happens if your phone battery is depleted?

The InfiniteKey® system includes NFC, which can be used to unlock when your phone battery is depleted. Depending on the vehicle you have, there are a variety of ways it can be started, in which one way is accessing the charger inside the vehicle.

How does the InfiniteKey® System protect the vehicle from theft?

The InfiniteKey® system for vehicles is based on the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standards for Digital Key, which leverages industry adopted, state-of the-art cryptography.  InfiniteKey® uses UWB ToF (Time of Flight) between the phone and vehicle to prevent relay station attacks, protecting against unauthorized attempts to unlock your vehicle through this common attack method.

What are the components of the InfiniteKey® System?

In addition to BLE/UWB/NFC components on the vehicle, the InfiniteKey® system includes a mobile software development kit (SDK), and cloud services that work harmoniously and securely together. The cloud services orchestrate many features of the InfiniteKey® system, such as key sharing and revocation; however, cloud connectivity is not required when accessing the vehicle.

How do you know InfiniteKey® is interoperable between Mobile Devices, Phones and Vehicles?

DENSO actively contributes and participates in Global Standards Bodies including the Car Connectivity Consortium, Bluetooth SIG, IEEE, and ICCE to ensure global compatibility.

Can InfiniteKey® be used for other applications beyond automotive?

Of course! The InfinteKey® can be and is planned for other industries outside of automotive. DENSO welcomes the opportunity to work together and bring new features to markets beyond automotive.


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